[ILL] Looking for an article from Australia journal - Birth Issues

Thompson, Anita [FH] Anita.Thompson at fraserhealth.ca
Mon Jun 15 11:18:49 EDT 2020


I'm hoping that someone has access to the following article:

Vella, S., Shorten, A., & Sibbald, J. (2005). Towards understanding the impact of gestational diabetes on breastfeeding. Birth Issues, 14(1), 18-22. [ISSN: 1038-023X Publisher: Capers Bookstore]

We can pay up to $20 and I can place a direct request via Docline.

Thank you,

Anita Thompson, Dip. Lib. Tech. (she/her)
Library Technician, Fraser Health Library Services
Department of Evaluation and Research Services
Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Center Library
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