[ILL] ILL: PMID: 28437058 "Psychotic and Bipolar Disorders: Antipsychotic Drugs. FP Essent. 2017;455:23‐29."

Creaser, Julie Julie.Creaser at northernhealth.ca
Fri Jun 12 13:20:45 EDT 2020

Hi Everyone

We have looked high and low for a lender to get this for one of our physicians -- including re-routing on Docline throughout this week.

If anyone is able to fill this, we can pay up to $18.00 for it and submit via Docline or another method as required for tracking.

Holder SD, Edmunds AL, Morgan S. Psychotic and Bipolar Disorders: Antipsychotic Drugs. FP Essent. 2017;455:23‐29.

Thank you,

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