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I'm trying again for these two chapters.  We can play up to $20 USD.  Docline ID is BCCMAW and I can place a request if you wish.

Brown, H., and G. Allison. "Educative spaces for teaching and learning ethical practice in nursing." Toward a moral horizon: Nursing ethics for leadership and practice (2013): 302-314.  ISBN 9780135074947

Swanton, Christine, 2005. "Nietzschean Virtue Ethics",in S. Gardiner (ed.), Virtue Ethics, Old and New, Ithaca, Cornell University Press.  (Chapter 9)

If you're a British Columbia member (just to narrow down possible responses) and can see this but can't supply it, I would really appreciate if you could let me know that.  I'm struggling to have non-Docline requests go through on either the Docline-L listserv or helpline and on this one.  I don't see these requests come up on my feed so they may just be going out into cyberspace.

Thank you and stay safe,

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