[FACIL] UK Ministry of Justice: Why we code in the open

Gabriel Cossette gabriel at gcossette.com
Ven 10 Mar 09:44:10 EST 2017

Great post from UK Ministry of Justice on their extensive usage of 


My favourite quotes:
* We expect a high level of quality from all of our software developers, 
but we have found the quality of code and commit messages is higher when 
developers are working ‘in the open’. We think this is caused by a 
developer’s contribution being seen by other developers both inside and 
outside the MoJ. This is a commonly identified psychological effect 
about the improvement of human behaviour when we believe we are being 
* Our public code repository is an important part of our recruitment 
strategy. Many people who have joined our team have told us that what 
they saw in our code repositories was part of attracting them to the 
role. They can easily see the quality and style of code we produce, the 
types of technologies we work with, and the kinds of services we 

Gabriel Cossette

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