[FACIL] US Government launches login.gov and shares open source code

Gabriel Cossette gabriel at gcossette.com
Jeu 24 Aou 12:28:05 EDT 2017

"[...] login.gov, a single sign-on solution for government websites that 
will enable citizens to access public services across agencies with the 
same username and password."

"[...] meets the design, performance, and experience people are used to 
having when logging into their email or any top tech industry website. 
Login.gov makes it easy and intuitive for users to choose a username and 
password, and to set up multifactor authentication by using their phone 
numbers or an authenticator application. Login.gov also allows agencies 
to protect user’s personally identifiable information by going through 
an identity proofing process where it verifies identities online. Once 
this is done, they’ll be able to use the same login to access any 
government site using the simplified login.gov interface."


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