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Le 2015-03-17 12:02, Florence Piron a écrit :
> http://hubofallthings.com/what-is-the-hat/
>     The next generation of the Internet is here.
>     It is one that is empowering, privacy-preserving and human-centric.
>     It is one that views data as a service to us as individuals and as
>     members of a collaborative society, as well as a service to firms
>     to offer individuals innovative products and services.
>     The HAT is the first-ever personal data platform (HATPDP) created
>     to hold individuals’ own data for their personal use. Individuals
>     can acquire their own data from internet-connected objects or
>     services, and this acquired data is then transformed by the HATPDP
>     to enable individuals to contextualise their own data, making it
>     meaningful and useful for decision-making. With that data,
>     individuals can buy apps that allow them to analyse, view, trade
>     or make important decisions based on their own data for a smarter
>     and more effective life.

Les données personelles sont un enjeu présent, oui, mais je crois que
l'identité est la clé de ce petit paradis marketing/surveillance.

Regardez par exemple où s'en va Microsoft avec Windows 10 (convergence)
et MS Hello (identification/personalisation):

Est-ce qu'on va pouvoir rester longtemps en dehors de cet effet réseau?


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