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Voici un site intéressant pour ceux qui débutent dans les logiciels 
libres (et pour les vétérans aussi!).

Ils viennent d'ajouter Ogg Theora aux format vidéo de leur émission 



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Now with Ogg/Theora video downloads.

Yes, I've bowed to the pressure to add a fifth video format to my download 
list, Ogg/Theora format. Look below the day's video, at the download link, and 
you will find download links for Ogg/Theora (ogv), MPEG4 AVI (avi), video iPod 
(m4v), Flash (flv), and audio only MP3 (mp3). The Ogg/Theora format, sadly, 
doesn't auto-convert on the video sharing site and does require an additional 
export on my part, but you asked for it, so it's yours [ insert appropriate 
smiley here ].

On to today's WFTL Bytes! for November 3, 2008. Today's stories uncover a few 
conspiracies, including a Linux love/hate relationship, some Windows payoffs, 
er, uhm, bribes, business needs, GNOME support, and award-winning content 


Enjoy! And remember to comment on the stories over at wftlbytes.com . 

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